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Improve your efficiency through management zone farming:

  • Save money - Proper allocation of crop input resources to save you money
  • Increase yields - By maximizing management zone potential
  • Reduce risk - By knowing which fields to target first


Not all parts of the field are exactly the same, therefore it just makes sense to vary the application of crop inputs to match the soil and crop's growing requirements and potential.

Below is a graph to help you better understand how PowerZone can help you and your farm.


Precision Farming 1


A range of tools available to
understand your field variability

Precision Farming 2


AGRI-TREND uses both “top down” and "bottom up” tools to help a grower understand the variability within the field.

  • “Top down” tools tell us “WHAT” is happening
  • “Bottom-up” tools tell us “WHY” something has happened in the field

Precision Farming 3


AGRI-TREND Power Zone is the foundational tool that helps a farmer better understand how to target greater profitability. Whether or not you choose to employ precision farming, PowerZone provides you with the essential information to:

  • Better understand your field productivity
  • Gives you the confidence to make better agronomic decisions
  • Sets the foundation for a profitable precision farming strategy


Precision Farming 4


Here's What our Customers have to say

Precision Farming 5

We’d hit a plateau on the farm. We would put on more nitrogen but weren’t achieving much more. We thought there must be a better way to balance out the fertilizer. We needed to do something to get more precise in what we were doing. AGRI-TREND is making
us more precise.

-Neil Rathgeber
Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

Precision Farming 6

We did some work with variable rate fungicides on canola and saved a bundle of cash doing it without sacrificing any yield.

-Jeff and Glenn Pizzey
Angusville, Manitoba


 the precision planning process

Precision Farming 7

Together with an AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach and AGRI-TREND Geo-Coach, farm customers become engaged in the Precision Management Process and choose how to best integrate GPS equipment, spatial GIS data, and superior agronomics to manage in-field variability. 


The 10 step precision management process

Precision Farming 8


We will help you integrate the latest
precision strategies and technologies on your farm

The cornerstone of every great success story is a plan of attack, and at AGRI-TEND we have mastered the art of the planning strategy.  An AGRI-TREND Geo-Coach and AGRI-TREND Agri-Coach will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to plan and build the best precision management strategies on your farm.  


Take advantage of our network

The strength of AGRI-TREND® is not in a single person, but the synergy and knowledge shared across the North American AGRI-TREND® Network. 

Precision Farming 9Senior AGRI-TREND® Agri-Coach® and Geo-Coach professionals are PhD’s and MSc’s
all highly respected in their various fields of expertise who:

  • Provide technical agronomic training
  • Develop diagnostic protocols and tools
  • Enable your AGRI-TREND® Geo-Coach® to give quick answers to difficult questions and guidance on agronomic issues


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